Concerning The Author /27 Apr 2016/

I am Bence.

I am the alpha and the @cromega.

Primarily, at least for the sake of this page, I’m a software engineer mostly involved with infrastructure and platform.

I have done some varied things over the course of my career including sysadmin stuff, automated testing, web development, ripping off glass wool from the wall and the ceiling. Yes, during my sysadmin days I built a server room. The hard way. Never again.

Still, it was my favourite job so I guess it’s no wonder I finally jumped on the PAAS bandwagon and became heavily involved with things like Cloud Foundry and BOSH.

I like service integration, APIs, networks, virtualisation and containerisation, linuxy stuff.

Currently I focus on log analysis and metrics. I am one of the core contributors of logsearch-boshrelease.

I mostly write Ruby or Go, mostly using vim. Sometimes I write C#, usually not using vim.

On a non-professional level, I’m interested in a bunch of other things.

Things like:

  • Historical linguistics. I’m totally into the evolution of the Germanic languages. Especially the transformation of Old English into this gibberish. If I weren’t a computer guy I would be a linguist and I would probably earn a lot less.
  • Filipino Martial Arts. It’s awesome.
  • Video games. Because, well, video games.
  • Beer.