I Really Hate Making Websites /11 Apr 2016/


I really do. It overloads my patience containment field generators.

I have never had a problem with wasting my whole day with the most daunting tasks. I happily debug the crazy browser test that only fails on CI, I happily strace the shitty processes to figure out what’s wrong with the network communication between them because they don’t log anything and I happily run bosh deploy 8 times to fix the error in the packaging script.

Making a website, however, is one of those things I get fed up with even before I start. Can’t say I have never done it, though. I used to ducttape rails applications as well, among other things.

So this time I’m making one for my own pleasure folly. I need a place to rant about all the things that suck and about the occasional thing that accidentally does not.